About Jamie Tieche

Devoted Husband & Father.  Determined Business Owner.  Disciplined Marketer.


Jamie, the digital marketer.

Since 2008, Jamie has been helping businesses and professionals thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Jamie’s passion for marketing began in college, when he stumbled upon a platform called Wordpress, and began documenting the antics of him and his friends on his now-defunct blog.

After college, Jamie entered the automotive industry where he learned the ins-and-outs of social media, email marketing, and lead generation, while helping catapult two separate dealerships into the online space, where they would eventually reap the rewards of Jamie’s foresight and commitment to online marketing.

In 2013, Jamie launched Socialyze Inbound Marketing, a full-service marketing and design firm, followed by a consulting and coaching business focused on helping small businesses and sales professionals navigate the muddy waters of online marketing successfully.

Today, Jamie primarily works 1-on-1 with select clients, assisting them across a wide range of digital and design solutions, from marketing strategy to digital advertising, web design and beyond.

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Jamie, the husband, father, and friend.

As much as Jamie enjoys his role as a business owner and professional digital marketer, he admittedly loves his role of husband and father even more.

When not with a client, hosting a workshop, or spending time behind a computer devising a marketing plan or developing a website, Jamie can be found experiencing the many joys of family life with his high-school sweetheart, Melanie, and their two beautiful daughters, Avery and Ellie.


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